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  • Employability Programs
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Software Consulting

Software Consulting

At Exellite, our Software Consulting services focuses on advising organizations on how to best utilize information technology (IT) in their favor so that the overall business objectives are effectively taken care of. Once the client defines the needs to take their business to the next level, our software consultants will define the capacity, expenditure and a time frame of the project. Our role is to assist and foster our clients from the very beginning of the project until the very end, and deliver the project not only in the scope, time and expense but also with impeccable customer satisfaction.

Our key emphasis always lies on the goal of the client business and how we can power their entire process and technology. We are well equipped with the knowledge on current industry standards and trends in today’s fast-moving digital ecosystem and know how to use that in our client’s favor.

At Exellite, we have a dedicated team of expert consultants who are proficient and determined in providing and handling any type of software consulting you might need assistance with. Our focus always remains on how to enhance your business and bring in more profits and customer satisfaction your way. Therefore, our consultants and technology experts will efficiently troubleshoot any difficulty that you might come across in any of your functions.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Right From developing new digitally fueled businesses and helping organizations to transform their existing technologies, to renovating companies via data analytics, and artificial intelligence, Exellite brings high value end-to-end business transformation into any business. Our primary objective is to provide digital enablement to any business that is seeking for it.

At Exellite, we start by assessing where a company stands in the market and where it needs to go. We help companies tie their digital transformation tactic to actual business goals. We work with companies from various sectors in recognizing selecting and implementing high impact digital solutions. This lets any business create value quickly among its customers.

Digital transformation is all about adapting and evolving with today’s rapidly changing digital scenario. In order to add value to any kind of services or products offered these days keeping a tab with the current digital scenario becomes incredibly important.
Exellite prides in helping companies develop their digital talent plans in areas like data science and human driven designs.

We also help companies decide on the optimal location strategies and strike the perfect balance between insourcing and outsourcing. And we support, from day one, in strategizing, training, and up skilling essential but often hard to implement elements of digital transformation.

In short, Exellite will enable businesses to respond quickly to the change of scenes around them, which is what makes or breaks any business in today’s global business scenario.

Employability Programs

Employability Programs

Students pursuing career in management roles often face difficulties in establishing their relevance in a business or an organization during their switch to the corporate world. Exellite has a perfect solution in place for this, our in-house exclusive education and training consultancy wing named “Edulite” which focuses on designing and delivering soft skill and leadership programs that will help students to get equipped with the expectations, culture, urgencies and requirements organizations operating in various industries around the globe.

We groom students to be culturally fit, passionate and confident to work towards the common organizational growth with utmost efficiency.

We provide valuable tips, techniques and well conceptualized tools that will help them refine their personal and professional excellence and to be effective in their new roles and to be completely fulfilled in their respective careers. Edulite also theorize and provides well curated training programs for Educational Institutions and Corporates.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

When various sub-processes and repeated day to day tasks associated with a growing business are outsourced, executives are left with enough time and resources to focus on the core objectives of the business thus dedicating quality time and energy in steering the business towards success and achieving the company goals faster.

Clients can also outsource processes that needs to be executed with almost precision or they can outsource tasks that require a special skill set, technology or management approach. This is where Exellite’s BPO assistance comes into play, no matter what the kind of outsourcing requirements are we at Exellite are determined to help your business prosper.

Some of the key advantages of outsourcing with Exellite include:

Executives can focus on Core business Processes: When managers are left with time to focus only on core business objectives, they can evaluate available data and uncover new avenues of growth. By outsourcing sub-processes, an organization can help its leaders think and set sails clearly.

Boosts Efficiency and Effectiveness: with utmost care and focus solely dedicated to a particular process, we help your business to yield maximum efficiency.

Improves Processes: We help businesses improve their processes by relying on our partners who brings in their expertise. We help our clients improve their methods by applying our industry specialized knowledge.

Our main BPO services include:

  • Research & Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Data Management
  • Human Resource Outsourcing
  • Email and chat support
  • Inbound and Outbound calls
HR & Skill Development

HR & Skill Development

Human Resources can be deemed as the heart of any organization , HR make sure that the work flow stays as smooth as possible, and everyone in the work force stays updated with the organization’s strategies and desires.

In this day and age, HR has grown from its conventional ‘fire and hire’ job to a more evolved and scientifically conceptualized methods to focus more on the overall development and motivation of the employees thus making the journey to the common organizational goal more easily achievable.

As the organization grows, along with it, the work force grows too. Managing this ever-increasing workforce can be an uphill battle that consumes a lot of time and effort for the organization. Here at Exellite, our well competent human resource consultants help your organization to reach its true potential by carefully tailored methods that will help bring out the best from your work force more efficiently.

As a human resources consultant, our core duty will be to guarantee that your company is effectively using its work force to achieve its asserted goals. Other job duties may include improving, evaluating, employing HR policies and procedures, studying your company’s current HR programs, and recommending suitable solutions.

We assist you in technologically powering a “high performing organization” through:

  • Well conceptualized HR Policies, Processes and Systems.
  • Creating Performance Management Systems.
  • Creating a Skill-Competency Mapping.
  • Providing relevant HR Excellence Models.
  • HR Audits & Action Plans.
  • Manpower and Payroll Outsourcing
  • Talent Acquisition and Job placement
  • Training and Development of employees across job roles.